FE training tailored to your needs


WEIDMANN provides advanced training courses on Infolytica FEM packages focused on each client's specific applications and needs to help ensure increased productivity.

Weidman courses are totally customized. Before each course, we thoroughly discuss with our clients which topics to cover and their specific goals. We also ask customers to provide us with their model beforehand so that we can base our hands-on approach directly to their problems.

Weidmann courses can be held either in our offices or at our customers' premises.

With our customized training you can:


  • Learn to use the software in a methodical and efficient way to produce better designs in record time.

  • Discover features that allow you to increase your productivity.

  • Learn advanced techniques such as parameterization and scripting.

  • Optimize your analysis for minimum solution time.

  • Customize the model for accurate and fast solutions.

  • Take full advantage of the extensive post-processor.