We may have started out as simple users of its software but, over time, our enthusiasm for the infinite possibilities offered by Infolytica's simulation tools led us to strengthen the relationship.

Today we are not only one of Infolytica Corporation's sales agents; we actively participate in their effort to develop effective software solutions for industrial users.

Our use of Infolytica's high-end finite element software packages for our consulting business allows us to rise to the many challenges posed by today's industries. Combining our expertise in finite element modeling (FEM) with Infolytica'sextensive product line, we are able to provide our customers with a complete range of solutions for their electromechanical problems.

To find out more about Infolytica software and what services our partnership provides, please follow the links below:


Infolytica field simulation and optimization software

MagNet - Electromagnetic field simulation software

        ElecNet - Coupled thermal simulation software

        ThermNet - Coupled thermal simulation software

                OptiNet - Automated design optimization software