Transmission & Distrubution

We offer our wide experience in transmission and distribution consultancy. Our experience range from EHV international or inter-regional links to industrial MV power systems.

Interconnections and systems studies

Due to the increasing number of new interconnection projects (HVAC and HVDC merchant lines) and the growing need to reinforce the transmission system cause the necessity for systems analysis and protection coordination. Transmission and distribution planning, rationalization, reliability and availability improvements are covered by T&D services.


Weidmann integrated services include:

  • Feasibility of transmission systems and electrical interconnection
  • Technical and economic evaluations (voltage levels, transmission technology - AC or DC, etc.)
  • System operation evaluation and the resulting stresses, with regard to fault conditions, insulation coordination, evaluation of electromagnetic compatibility, safety of people and equipments (EMF and ground systems)
  • Technical specifications (SVC, STATCOM, Transformers, etc)
  • Design reviews
  • Type tests, commissioning tests and inspection factory tests, monitoring factory production, etc.
  • Support during start-up and commissioning of power components, controls and protection systems with verification of their performances
  • Performance evaluation of the system relating to: reliability, security, dynamic behavior (transient stability and voltage stability)
  • Coordination and protections setting
  • Calculations of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and corrective measures