Electromagnetic Services


Weidmann's range of technical services includes 2D and 3D calculations of magnetic fields applied to transformer designs. Using up-to-date software and hardware, Weidmann can support you in your design process.


Losses and impedance calculation

  • with/without harmonic currents of windings (including foil type) in transformers and reactors (also with complex circuit arrangements like extended delta and zig-zag)

  • bus bars arrangements 3D

  • tanks 3D

Current distribution calculation

in high current windings as occur in industrial applications (arc furnace AC & DC, rectifiers).


3D analysis of electro-magnetic shields

as used to reduce losses in the tank and/or the clamping structure.


3D temperature distribution on tanks

and/or the clamping structures with determination of hot spot due to losses by stray magnetic fluxes


Short circuit forces calculation

  • windings
  • clamping structure
  • bus bars

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